But now shrinks the place where you stand: Where now, stripped by shade, will you go? — Paul Celan

Nightmasks and Other Poems


In dreamdarkness
I come upon a night
Endless and vast

Lit up by the moonlamp
casting lightshadows
on familiar faces —

revealing their


Dried wingseeds fall on
This alien earth
Sprouting joyous

The Unused Room

The smell of damp wood fills the unused room. Pinheads of sunlight filter through the air from the windows covered with wooden panes. The dust of aeons cover the floor, punctuated by the tiny footsteps of lizards. Outside summer sings its eternal songs, like tall goddesses clothed in bright and green robes.

Damp, Amphibian

Returning home after the rain, I run into kindred species: damp, amphibian.

The Undiscovered Island

Your heart is an undiscovered island I’m trying to reach in vain.

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