But now shrinks the place where you stand: Where now, stripped by shade, will you go? — Paul Celan


‘Rough Sea’ by Joanna Murphy.


Vortices of dreams
Gulf streams of treacherous shadows
Enchantment of deep slumber at the rocky edges of the night…

Like the ancient rhythm of siren songs
Like the viscous flow of troubled sleep

Witness! O, dreamer,

Over the great distant lightning of the antipodes
The ellipses of being


Fire! at the cairns of Night.

On the infinite sands by the seas of the world, a conference
of nocturnal insects and the rustling of a distant spring forest

A timeless brew of frothy green optimism in our cups

At the chasms of Night

We pause at the gates of the skeleton of the great –
The antechamber of the
Ever present
Ever silent
gods –
The flintstones of our being!

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